Published materials

  • The journal publishes scientific reviews, theoretical and experimental, materials of scientific meetings, conferences, congratulations to anniversaries, obituaries, information materials.
  • The material proposed for publication must be original, previously unpublished in other publications.
  • The authors of articles are in electronic form.
  • Accepted for review articles, both in Russian and in English.
  • Guidelines for authors Editorial Board developed and approved by the chief editor. Rules can be reviewed, but not more often than once a year.
  • Royalties are not paid.
  • The paper cannot be more than 20,000 characters, including spaces.
  • Text of the article, it is desirable to structure using headings of the relevant sections, for example: Introduction, Methods, experimental part, results and discussion, conclusions, Literature.

Submission Guidelines

1. General requirements for article

The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit articles, but in terms of the scientific content of the author's version is retained. The editors reserve the right to shorten and correct the adopted work.

Articles are published free of graduate students.

To publish an article in the journal The author presents the Editor:

  • Cover letter from the institution where the work (on company letterhead), confirming the transfer of rights to the publication, indicating that the material has not been published in other publications.
  • An article designed in accordance with the present application.
  • List of key words (in English and Russian).
  • Abstract (in English and Russian languages).
  • The illustrations, tables, graphs, captions for illustrations - all in separate files.
  • Information about authors (full name, academic degree, academic rank, the main place of employment, position, e-mail).

Article Submissions and all supporting documents must be sent to the editors by the email.

If the article is accepted, the publishing conditions can be negotiated with the publishing executive editor, Sergey Korablev. Address of the "Adaptive Physical Education" journal: 35 Dekabristov str., NGU imeni P.F.Lesgafta, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 190121 (for the "APE" journal) Phone: +7 (812) 714-49-13, E-mail:

Articles that violate any of these rules will not be considered.

2. Required information

Line by line:

In russian

  • Title of the article.
  • Last name, first name, full middle name, academic degree, title (position).
  • Full name of organization, city.
  • List of key words with the header "Keywords:".
  • Abstract (up to 400 characters) with the header Abstract..
  • E-mail address with the header "Contact".

In English

  • Title of the article.
  • Last name, first name, full middle name, academic degree, title (position).
  • Full name of organization, city.
  • List of key words with the header "Keywords:".
  • Abstract (up to 400 characters) with the header Abstract..

The text of the article:

The text should be prepared in Word and saved as *.doc, *.txt or *.rtf. The volume of up to 20,000 characters, including spaces.

Any text formatting is prohibited (including, but not only "red lines", centering, margins, hyphenation in words, the seal slot, double spaces, tabs).


Sections and subsections are numbered in Arabic numerals article.

All abbreviations and acronyms should be mandatory deciphered at the first mention (except for a small number of commonly used).

Footnotes are not allowed.


Illustrations (charts, graphs, maps, drawings, photographs, etc.) Can be presented in the following formats: *.tif, *.jpeg. The resolution of 300 dpi or higher. For diagrams desirable to use black and white color model with different hatching.

Each illustration must have a caption. If there are more than two illustrations in the text, they must be numbered with Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc).

Each illustration should be a reference in the text (links are listed in parentheses).


Tables should be created using the built-in text editor tabulation Word.

If there are more then one table, they must be numbered with Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc).

Each table should have a header.

Each table should be referenced in the text (references must be enclosed in parentheses).

Mathematical formulas:

All mathematical formulas should be written using the formula editor Microsoft Equation.

Designations of elements in deciphering the formulas and text must also be recorded using the formula editor Microsoft Equation.

If the article does have more than one formula, they should be numbered in Arabic numerals; put the number on the right side of the sheet at the formula in parentheses.

Each formula should be referenced in the text (references are listed in parentheses).


References are listed at the end of articles, and is issued in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003.

Foreign sources are given in the original spelling.

The references in the text must be enclosed in brackets.

It is recommended to use less than 10 references for the last 10 years in the original articles, less then 20 sources in scientific reviews. The bibliography must not include unpublished works and textbooks. Sources must be numbered in strict alphabetical order. First, there are works of authors in Russian, then in other languages. All the work of one author must be specified in ascending order. The author is responsible for the accuracy of the data given in the references.

3. Review

The papers received by the journal are reviewed.

People working in an organization where the work was performed can not review the paper.

Reviewers are notified that the papers they receive are the private property of the authors and are reportedly not subject to disclosure. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies for their own use. Breach of confidentiality is only possible in the case of alleged inaccuracy or falsification of materials. The review shall be conducted confidentially; author of the book under review is given an opportunity to read the text of the review.

Not reviewed: Papers by members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, if the member of the Academy is the only or the first author of the publication; papers that are recommended for publication by the Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sports or the Presidential Council for Physical Culture (reports issued in the form of articles); article editorial board members, if the article is not co-written.

The decision about publishing is made by editor in chief based on the review results.

Reviews are stored in the publishing house and the magazine for 5 years.

The editors of the journal to the authors of submissions or copies of reviews reasoned refusal.

The editorial staff send copies of reviews in the Ministry of Education and Science for admission to the journal corresponding request.

Authors hold full responsibility for the contents of the article, the accuracy of the information provided and pubication itself.

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